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Alvaro Peppoloni

The nights are quiet and noisy Spoleto together, are quivering with hidden secrets and passions denied, expectations and whispers. Narrow alleys, empty streets, quiet atmosphere. But the silence still hides a beating detained. So, in the shadows of the night in Spoleto, in front of timid hearths, they consume in a gasp the words never said. The works of Alvaro Peppoloni transmit the vibrations of those silent nights, because he knows the rumors.
Alvaro Peppoloni, was born in Spello in 1951, but for years he lives and works in Spoleto. After a long period dedicated to the oil technique, the artist now puts his attention back to the beginnings of the history of art and his artistic journey, so the fresco. He knows every secret of wall painting, which translates technical property to adapt them to the canvas with straight movements extends the plaster on the canvas surface and while it dries slowly, grinding colors, preparing the various gradations of tone, to use with soft bristles.
Through delicate hues, warm and variously shaded the artist reinvents his world. A pure world, harmonious and essential, that has only the idea of the real one. It consists of geometric shapes contours firm but never net, because they are created by combining the colors and their different shades. From Perugino and the Umbrian school we can seen traces in sweet and enchanting shades, almost fairy-tale.
But if the old masters described in minute detail like Flemish ancestry, Peppoloni it detaches and turns his gaze to the current metaphysical, Giorgio De Chirico, Carlo Carra. They inspired to create those landscapes suspended and timeless. He does not care the details, never goes into detail, but gives an overall wrapped in a mystical atmosphere. It is the synthesis that he seeks and finds. The artist suggests the image, leaving us the task of discovering the rest.
About Umbria, he tells about the landscapes, colors, smells, tastes, in their change with the seasons. In autumn the evening turns red, then advancing in the most intense blue of the night. While in spring and summer the rolling hills resplend with the flowers which are invaded. In his works Peppoloni puts the emotion from the memories of childhood and the places where he live. Those are moments of life happy and carefree, spent observing the warmth of a sunny day, but also moments of reflection and solitude.
From 2012 on to work on Musuealizzazione with the Foundation Historical Archive.