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Support those who can give an image of the present time, through their works

Art, as a term comprising painting, sculpture, architecture and music mediates and conciliates man and nature. It is therefore the power of umanizing nature and infusing man’s thought and passions in the objects of contemplation.

Ten years before its time, an art form is indecent; ten years after its time it is awful, but twenty years later it is prized. When a work anticipates its time, it is true that time is late compared to the work itself.

As the best result, it is necessary to assess what it will be possible to make in the future and not what has already been done. Otherwise it is really useless to work. The Foundation “Archivio Storico” considers art as the best witness of our time; its social and institutional mission is to support those who can give an image of the present time, through their works, as a results of past historical events and premise fot the future. The Foundation aims at communicating the idea of sharing and not of a not merely commercial relation between seller and buyer.

The work proposed tell our time: by promoting them we witness the contemporany expression of uman soul, thus being protagonist of the present time and writing a chapter of history.This vocation guiding the actvitng of the Foundation would be a cry in the desert if there wer no people willing to invest in history. Acquiring an atwork is therefore the individual answer to the responsability of handing down the essence of the historical age we live in, a contibution to the whole art, in particular to the Italian art that will tell about us in the future. It will be the part of us that will live forever.