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Art, as a term comprising painting, sculpture, architecture and music mediates and conciliates man and nature. It is therefore the power of umanizing nature and infusing man's thought and passions in the objects of contemplation. Ten years before its time, an art form is indecent; ten years after its time it is awful, but twenty years later it is prized. When a work anticipates its time, it is true that time is late compared to the work itself.


Art projects with special cultural relevance.

Art history

A glance on the past of art and its evolution over time to understand the link with history and the human future.

Art techniques

The art is shown through a variety of techniques that can express the many facets of creativity and can give value to the work.

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From our experience in the world of art, information and secrets to buy and enhance your collection.


The Foundation "Archivio Storico" considers art as the best witness of our time; its social and institutional mission is to support those who can give an image of the present time, through their works, as a results of past historical events and premise for the future.


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