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About us

Give back to Italy his historical role in the global art scene.

The Foundation “Archivio storico” is an organ in its own right that, in time, focused his attention to the observation, protection and a careful choice of artistic techniques turning his gaze especially to those masters who represent them and that will be the precursor of 21st century.
The December 17 2013, through a careful selection, considering various contexts and artistic methodologies, the Foundation has exhibited at the Palace of the Chancellery in the Vatican, some works related to these artists that will represent an important historic, artistic and cultural period.
The main purpose of this artistic event is to give back to Italy his role that historically belongs to her.
In Europe and throughout the world, in recent years, it has shown a deep artistic, political and cultural void: think about the existence of millions of artists but not a movement that can represent them.
The real lack of a precise movement which can historicize an artist, or a piece of art or a technique is felt strongly. Many years ago, a piece of art could be historicized through the study of an art historian, now the art critic has a major role, for the realization of this process.
Probably in the next few centuries, the same work will be recognized for its history, for what it has been able to celebrate and the sensations transmitted, asserting firmly that the anyone can be himself the most appropriate art critic.
FAS, in order to present those artists who would become his official artists, has considered different living artists, that could be able to represent this historic period.

FAS will provide to them all the tools they need to express themselves: work places, bookbinders, foundries, printers in monotype, precious metals like gold, platinum and silver, so that each work can be unique in its kind.
Each of these masters is characterized by a personal way to create and paint as others who are recognized and appreciated around the world.

As history teaches us, Pope Boniface VIII contributed greatly to the birth and development of the great artistic and cultural ferment that gave birth to medieval art with its immortal masterpieces and the great revolution, represented by the recognition of the first artists in history such as Giotto and Cimabue. Again, in the ‘500 Pope Sixtus IV and Julius II Della Rovere, the Renaissance will see sublime pieces of art by Michelangelo, Bramante, Raphael. In the twentieth century Cubism, an extremely important movement, which had great exponents as Braque and Picasso. In the mid ’50s, Andy Warhol transformed the history of art, imposing his artistic genius with the Pop Art, which substantially changes the concept of art itself.
For Europe now is the time to choose her own founding fathers, with their own techniques, which will have to be stored.
The techniques considered, should reflect all the ancient canons that have been able to pass in the twenty-first century the dictates of the past centuries art.
Evaluating the various art forms such as fresco, painting, sculpture, oil on canvas, mixed media and art books, the Scientific Committee of the Foundation “Archivio storico”, with the approval of authoritative critics, has entrusted this important commitment to these artists.
The most complex work, in which the FAS is involved, is, therefore, to choose the unique works of the Masters, which reflect the characteristics of the craftsmanship of the past centuries.
This process, in a very exceptional cases, will give the opportunity to the masters of FAS to add the symbol of the foundation next to their signature identifying the works which belong to this unique and exclusive project.